Monthly Archives: september 2012

MedTech West seminar on product development within the academy

“A pre-study of the possibilities to do product development within the academy” Presenter Lennart Nilsson, Consultant It’s difficult to find financing for start-up companies, especially in the life science sector. Generally the time to profitability for a start-up company is (too) long. This presentation is built on a pre-study of the possibilities to do product…
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Assistant Professor position in Microwave Hyperthermia at Chalmers

At the Department of Signals and Systems, we conduct world-leading research in biomedical engineering, antennas, signal processing, control, automation, mechatronics and communication systems. Our research deals to a large extent with the modeling and development of efficient systems for extracting and processing information. Systems our researchers deal with include for instance e-Health, hearing aids, robotics,…
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