Monthly Archives: januari 2014

MedTech West seminar – Parametric models for brain segmentation – not dead just yet

In recent years, non-parametric, multi-atlas techniques have become very popular for automated segmentation of medical images. In this talk, I will try to make a case instead for old-fashioned, parametric models in brain MR segmentation. In particular, I will argue that these methods can combine state-of-the-art parcellation performance with a unique set of advantages, including…
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MedTech West seminar – Focal MEG: Developing a new neuroimaging system from the ground up

Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a method of neuroimaging that records the magnetic fields generated by electrical activity in the brain. Clinically, MEG is used for localization of spike activity generated by epileptic foci as well as in pre-surgical mapping of eloquent brain regions. We at MedTech West are working to develop an advanced MEG system—“Focal MEG”—that…
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