Master thesis presentation – Design and preliminary testing of an MR-compatible eye tracking system

Presented by Taimaz Begdjani and Fredrik Steen Date:  Wednesday 12th of March, 10.00 Location:  Conference room “Lunnerummet”, Chalmers EDIT-building Examiner:  Prof. Mikael Persson, Chalmers S2 Abstract Eye tracking makes it possible to track the gaze and analyse the pattern with which a person scans his/her visual field. One interesting possibility with eye tracking is the combination of this method together with other measurement systems. For this project, the... Read More

MedTech West seminar – Better acute care for trauma and stroke patients by improving prehospital diagnosis and workflow

Traumatic injury is the most common cause of death for young people. Head and thorax injuries are of special concern. Elderly suffer to a high degree from stroke and also from injuries due to accidents, especially falls. In common for these patients is that effective treatment is available, but the effectiveness is strongly dependent on the time to treatment. By implementing new tools for making a diagnosis in the field, e.g. in ambulances, the time to treatment could be decreased.... Read More

Master thesis presentation – 3D finite difference time domain simulations of microwave measurements of stroke patients and analysis of stroke patients undergoing thrombolytic treatment

Presented by Antti Stålnacke Date:  Thursday, February 27th, 10.00 Location:  Conference room Änggården, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Medicinaregatan 8 A Examiner:  Andreas Fhager, Chalmers S2 Abstract Stroke is a big issue for today’s health care and society. It causes large direct costs for health care, large indirect costs for society and is also the fourth largest cause of disease burden measured in disability-adjusted life years. Stroke means that the blood supply... Read More

MedTech West seminar – Open innovation, an introduction

The notion of open innovation has gained a wide interest among scholars, practitioners and policy makers as a model to enhance and improve the innovation process. Some even claim that open innovation is one of the hottest trends within the domain of innovation management – almost to the point of turning it into a vague and bland buzzword. Open innovation could broadly be defined as when organizations’ open up their organizational boundaries for inflow and outflow of knowledge... Read More

WiSE seminar with Prof. Maria Larsson

Welcome to a WiSE seminar with Professor Maria Larsson, co-head of the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University, and co-head of The Swedish National Committee for Psychological Sciences of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. When? Friday February 14th at 11.00 – 12.30 Where? Blå rummet, 6th floor, Hörsalsvägen 9, Chalmers. Directions: From the entrance at Hörsalsvägen 9, take the elevator to floor 6, turn left and left again. The conference room is on your right... Read More

SSBA 2014 symposium – Time to register!

SSBA 2014 on March 10-12 in Luleå Last year MedTech West had the pleasure of hosting the Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis (SSBA) annual symposium. Now it’s time to register for SSBA 2014 in Luleå so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet with Sweden’s leading researchers and companies in the field. The Swedish Society for Automated Image Analysis, is Sweden’s premier association for computerised image analysis, image processing, computer... Read More

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