A MedTech West seminar – We see faces everywhere – but how?

Insights from brain imaging studies. From the moment we are born, humans have the amazing capacity to detect and orient towards faces. Our face perception system is evolved to the point that we are sometimes even start seeing faces where there are none (e.g. the man in the moon). In this seminar, Nouchine Hadjikhani will present results of more than a decade of research on face perception using fMRI and magneto-encephalography, both in normal individuals and in individuals with... Read More

Disputation – Development and evaluation of a computerised decision support system for use in prehospital care

Magnus Hagiwara is disputing on June 5th at the University of Borås. Read more Date:  Thursday, June 5th Time: 13.00 pm  Location:  University of Borås,  room M204. Entrance  J. Parking at N. See link here for map.   Share this: Read More

MedTech West en av parterna i samverkansprojekt som får 2 miljoner

Ett antal projekt som sysslar med öppen innovation inom Life Science får dela på sammanlagt 35 miljoner kronor från Vinnova. Ett av projekten drivs gemensamt av Handelshögskolan vid Göteborgs universitet, AstraZeneca, Redoxis och Sahlgrenska Science Park som tillsammans får två av de utdelade miljonerna. Ett första möte är planerat till juni 2014 och projekttiden löper under 2 år (augusti 2014-juli 2016). Nu står det också klart att MedTech West blir ett tillskott... Read More

MedTech West researcher Justin Schneiderman receives Docent title from Chalmers University of Technology

On Wednesday, the  21st of May, 2014, the MedTech West researcher Justin Schneiderman received the title of Docent in Medical Engineering from the Chalmers University of Technology Department of Microtechnology and Nanoscience – MC2. His qualification required, in addition to a PhD, substantially greater documented independent ability to lead in formulating and solving scientific research problems, as well as pedagogic competence at the advanced graduate level of study.... Read More

Master thesis presentation – Assessing blood perfusion and fluid balance in residual limbs

Abstract  For people with vascular dysfunction because of diabetes and/or peripheral vascular disease, amputation may be a lifesaving operation. Amputation can reduce the risk of foot ulcers and limb necrosis, while it at the same time allows the patients to maintain mobility. However, individuals that undergo amputation due to vascular dysfunction may continue to have problems with blood perfusion that can affect the general health of their residual limb. While the use of vacuum-assisted... Read More

Docent lecture – Improved detection and characterisation of breast cancer using multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging and novel computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD) techniques

Andrew Mehnert’s research focuses on the development of medical image analysis methods for clinical imaging applications. He has both academic and commercial research experience in the areas of optical microscopy (automated cytology), MRI (breast cancer, musculoskeletal sports injuries), and x-ray CT (forensic identification of human dental remains). His present research focus is on the development of computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD) tools for both optical microscopy... Read More

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