Ladda ner presentationerna från: Informationsseminarium den 11 januari om utlysningar och stöd att söka

Välkommen till en genomgång av SWElife och Medtech4Health-utlysningarna som innebär pengar och stöd att söka i samarbetsprojekt mellan företag, vårdpersonal och akademin. På detta möte, som är ett samarrangemang mellan MedTech West, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Innovationsplattformen samt Gothia Forum, får du veta mer om de aktuella utlysningarna. När? Måndag 11 januari 2016 kl. 13.00-14.30 Var? Biotech Center, Arvid Wallgrens Backe 20, vån 5, konferensrum LADDA NER... Read More

Chalmers seminar with prof. Jens Nielsen: Big Data in Life Science – Cancer and Gut Microbiome research

Big Data in Life Science : Cancer and gut microbiome research” by Jens Nielsen, Professor of System Biology, at the Department of Biology and Biological Engineering, Chalmers. Welcome to this Area of Advance ICT and Big Data@Chalmers seminar. We encourage you all to stay for coffee and further discussion after the seminar. Welcome! Read more and register here>> Share this: Read More

Symposium on Bionic Limbs on Friday 11 December

On Friday 11 December at 14-16.30 you are welcome to attend a half-day symposium at Chalmers. Read more>> Share this: Read More

A MTW lunch seminar with Michael Schöll, now home from Berkeley

Two harmful proteins that accumulate in the brains of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients are β-amyloid (Aβ) as amyloid plaques, and hyperphosphorylated forms of the microtubule-associated protein tau assembling into neurofibrillary tangles (NFT). Neuropathological studies have repeatedly demonstrated that these proteins also accumulate in the brains of cognitively healthy older people. Tau rather than Aβ pathology has been shown to be closely related to cognitive impairment,... Read More

Master thesis presentation: Creatine Cest in Human Muscle by Esaú Poblador Rodríguez

On Thursday, November 19th at 11.15 am. Esaú Poblador Rodríguez will be presenting his master thesis “Creatine Cest in Human Muscle”. The examiner is Fredrik Kahl. The presentation will take place in Lunnerummet (room 3311), Hörsalsvägen 11, 3rd floor at Chalmers. Abstract: Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) imaging is a relatively recent technique that allows the detection of endogenous and exogenous compounds (protons or molecules) with enhanced... Read More

MedTech West seminar on Nov 23: An overview of the current and possible future applications of TMS by Magnus Thordstein

Since the first report in 1985 of its practice in human subjects, the use of the technique Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) for non-invasive, safe investigation of the nervous system has greatly expanded. Initially, TMS was used for exploration of the central parts of the motor system. Later, its practice has revealed various physiological and pathophysiological aspects of central nervous (CNS) functioning in humans. Not the least, it’s come to be an important part of... Read More

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