Training Academy “Intellectual Property, Ethics & the Utilization of Academic Research in health/life sciences”

Health-2-Market Training Academy: Intellectual Property, Ethics & the Utilization of Academic Research in health/life Sciences The aim of the academy is to provide the participant with a fundamental understanding of the challenges and opportunities related to the integration of research and utilization processes. More information: The academy is free of charge. It will be hosted by University of Gothenburg and will... Read More

MFT welcome you to a conference on medical imaging

MFT like to welcome you to Optimisation in X-ray and Molecular Imaging 2015 – the 4th edition of the Malmö Conference on Medical Imaging and the first to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on May 28-30. The Malmö Conference on Medical Imaging is a successful series of scientific conferences focusing on optimisation of medical imaging, with special emphasis on image quality evaluation and radiological protection. The conference is intended for a broad audience of medical physicists,... Read More

Gothia Forum bjuder in till nationell konferens om klinisk forskning

Nationell konferens om klinisk forskning som äger rum på Svenska Mässan den 14-15 april i år, ska ge inspiration utifrån men framförallt verktyg och kunskap du kan ha nytta av i ditt dagliga arbete. Det här är en utveckling av den konferens som Gothia Forum tidigare arrangerat under fyra år. Läs mer här: Share this: Read More

Master thesis presentation by Moa Peters

Welcome to attend the master thesis presentation by Moa Peters, MPBME, on February 5th. The title of Moa Peters´work is “Development of an analysis pipeline for magnetoencephalography measurement data using the MNE software package”. Examiner: Justin Schneiderman Abstract: Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is a non-invasive, functional neuroimaging method mapping the activity within the brain by measuring the magnetic fields generated by neuronal currents. One great benefit... Read More

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