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Medtech 4 Health is a Vinnova financed national strategic innovation program. In June 2015 Vinnova approved 97 MSEK to the program for the first 3 year period. Most of this funding will be available through calls, starting in the beginning of 2016. Since you don´t want to miss any information about these fundings, we strongly recommend that you sign up for the Medtech 4 Health newsletter here: Sign up for Medtech 4 Health Newsletter Share this: Read More

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The Brain´s Networks Conference Blog

Stephan Maier (left) and Sven Ekholm (right) with Nobel Laureate Arvid Carlsson Among the important tasks for the Academy facing the opening of the new Center for Imaging and Interventions (BoIC) are to support new research projects related to imaging and inform various research groups about new research possibilities. More recently courses and conferences have also been initiated with focus on specific organs and disease processes where our knowledge may benefit from the BoIC... Read More

MTW Lunch seminar: Positron Emission Tomography (PET) radiochemistry- rapid chemistry for biomedical imaging

In 2016 the PET Radiopharmacy will open in the new Image and Intervention Centre (BoIC) at Sahlgrenska. It comprises cyclotron, radiochemistry and quality control units. This presentation will attempt to connect at least several lots of the interdisciplinary field of Positron Emission Tomography, and highlight how new developments in radiochemistry and technology help advancing molecular imaging. Welcome to this lunch seminar with Oleksiy Itsenko, radiochemist at Sahlgrenska University... Read More

MedTech West seminar with Dr. Ashkan Panahi- From sparsity-based estimation to compressive magnetic resonance imaging: Challenges and solutions

Welcome to a MedTech West seminar on Oct 15 at 13:00-14:00 (14:30 incl. coffee)! Dr. Ashkan Panahi received his PhD degree in signal processing at Chalmers university of technology (Mats Viberg), Sweden, in 2015. In this seminar, Dr. Panahi will speak about Compressed Sensing (CS), which is a new paradigm for acquiring large data sets. Relying on the premise that the natural sources of data are compressible, CS emphasizes on simplifying the costly physical process of sensing... Read More

Sabine Reinfeldt´s lecture for associate professorship on October 9

Welcome to Sabine Reinfeldt´s lecture for associate professorship on October 9 Title: Developments in bone conduction hearing devices – a review and new clinical results Time: Friday October 9, at 13.15-14.15 Location: Room EF, EDIT building, Hörsalsvägen 11 Abstract Sound is not only perceived through soundwaves entering the ear-canal, passing through the middle ear to the inner ear – it can also be heard via bone conduction. To hear via vibrations that are transmitted... Read More

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