Welcome to a MedTech West lunch seminar: Cerebral connectivity or What the brain does

How various neurophysiologic techniques can better inform us of the activities underlying different aspects of our modes of function Welcome to a MedTech West lunch seminar with Magnus Thordstein, Ass. professor and a Senior lecturer in Clinical Neurophysiology at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The fundamental task for the brain is to handle information. There has been a long standing debate as to whether the basal modus operandus is through a principle of segregation or integration.... Read More

MedTech West lunch seminar: Methods and applications of diffusion MRI fiber tractography

Welcome to a MedTech West seminar presented by Alexander Leemans: Methods and applications of diffusion MRI fiber tractography. Abstract: Diffusion MRI (dMRI) has been widely used to investigate microstructural tissue properties in vivo. In addition, dMRI has enabled the virtual reconstruction of tract pathways with so-called fiber tractography (FT) approaches. With this unique way of characterizing tissue organization, dMRI and FT have been used in a wide range of clinical,... Read More

WiSE lunch seminar with Moyra McDill: “When your cat is having kittens, your child has spots and your paper is due!”

Welcome to a WiSE seminar with Professor emeritus Moyra McDill. Moyra McDill, recently appointed as Chalmers new doktorandombud, will present a light-hearted look at work-life balance in the academic world. During the seminar we offer lunch. Please register by the latest on Thursday 21st January at 11 am with an email to wise@medtechwest.se. We welcome all interested researchers in academia, so be WiSE and join us! http://www.medtechwest.se/collaboration-platforms/wise/ Share... Read More

MedTech West lunch seminar: Non-invasive localization of cardiac arrhythmia substrates – is magnetocardiography the solution?

Welcome to a MedTech West lunch seminar with Lennart Bergfeldt, professor and senior Consultant in Cardiology at Sahlgrenska Academy and Sahlgrenska University Hospital. Some arrhythmias (heart rhythm disturbances) have distinct anatomical origins. This is most obvious for congenital muscle bridges between atrium and ventricle (accessory pathways or electrical short-cuts) and extra-beats from the ventricles (ventricular premature beats or extrasystoles). Applying catheter based... Read More

Download the presentation from Göran Leonardsson´s SWElife seminar in December

  SWElife 151218_GLeonardsson_SSP>> Share this: Read More

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