Monthly Archives: september 2016

New project combines smart textiles with cutting edge technology to improve usability for prosthetic limb users

Many prosthetic limb users experience problems related to prosthetic socket fit and phantom limb pain. The use of prosthetic socks can reduce discomfort from wearing a prosthetic limb. Electrodes integrated in the sock can be used to pick up muscle activity signals to control a virtual arm in phantom limb pain therapy. As no two…
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MTW researchers published in a roadmap exploring the applications of SQUIDs in biomagnetism

The journal Superconductor Science and Technology has published a roadmap exploring the applications of SQUIDs in biomagnetism. The article, SQUIDs in biomagnetism: a roadmap towards improved healthcare, brings together eight chapters that discuss different aspects of how superconducting technologies are poised to impact clinical care. The MedTech West researchers Justin Schneiderman, Bushra Ríaz Syeda and…
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Sven Ekholm om MedTech Wests betydelse för utvecklingen av BoIC

Missa inte Sven Ekholms krönika i Akademiliv om hur Bild- och interventionscentrum (BoIC) som invigdes officiellt i fredags ska bli ett centrum för regional medicinsk vård som kontinuerligt utvecklas genom vetenskaplig forskning och utbildning. Sven Ekholm, som sedan 2013 har dekanus uppdrag att leda akademiseringen av BoIC, skriver bland annat om MedTech Wests betydelse för…
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