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  • Welcome to MedTech West MedTech West is a network and collaborative platform for research, education, development and evaluation of new biomedical concepts and technologies. We initiate, facilitate and promote increased research collaboration between the health care sector, industry and academia. Our focus is on addressing actual clinical needs in collaboration with relevant clinical staff.
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  • Metis Forum Intressent-träff 9 februari

    Välkommen till nästa Metis Forum, som äger rum på eftermiddagen den 9 februari på Lindholmen Science Park. Metis Forum är den öppna mötesplatsen där arenans intressenter träffas för kunskaps- och erfarenhetsutbyte samt tar fram idéer till projekt. Ett trettiotal intressenter från sjukvård, näringsliv och akademi deltar i arenan idag. Vi välkomnar fler som har ett intresse av att använda IT på bästa sätt inom prehospital vård, till exempel ambulanssjukvård. Kontakta gärna…

    Prehospital Diagnostics for Traumatic Thoracic Injuries project receives co-funding

    Stefan Candefjord´s and Rubén Buendía´s project “Prehospital Diagnostics for Traumatic Thoracic Injuries” has received co-funding from S.o. KG Eliassons tilläggsfond 2016. Traumatic injuries cause about six million deaths per year worldwide, and many survivors suffer life-long disabilities.Traffic accidents and falls in the home are common causes. Thoracic (related to chest) account for over a quarter of fatal and severe injuries. Two common thoracic severe injuries are pneumothorax (PTX) and hemothorax…

    MTW lunch seminar with professor Paul Meaney on Microwave Tomography: Translation to the Clinic

    There has been a wide range of interest and hype surrounding microwave imaging for a number of decades. Much of the interest has centered in academia and especially in the numerical modeling realm. The major motivations are that tissue dielectric properties can be remarkably specific and that microwave radiation is nonionizing. For instance, breast tumors generally have higher dielectric properties than normal breast tissue – a possible mechanism for cancer…

    Halftime seminar by Bushra Riaz: “MEG-based experimental studies and simulations of functional networks in Arousal response and Autism Spectrum Disorders”

    On 19 January, Bushra Riaz is giving her half-time seminar with the title “MEG-based experimental studies and simulations of functional networks in Arousal response and Autism Spectrum Disorders”. Where? MedTech West Conference Room, Röda stråket 10B, Sahlgrenska University Hospital When? 14-16 pm. on Thursday 19 January, 2017 Main supervisor: Justin Schneiderman Co-supervisor: Mikael Elam Abstract The focus of my PhD studies is MEG-based functional neural mechanisms in the brain and…

    Master thesis presentation by Jenny Nilsson, MPBME: “Feature-based quality assessment for spoof fingerprint images”

    Welcome to a master thesis presentation with the title “Feature-based quality assessment for spoof fingerprint images” by Jenny Nilsson, MPBME. When? Friday, 20 January at 13.15 pm. Where? Lunnerummet (room 3311), Hörsalsvägen 11, 3rd floor, Chalmers Examiner: Fredrik Kahl   Abstract Fingerprint recognition has over the last decade become a natural component in modern identity management systems. As the commercial use of fingerprint recognition systems increases, the benefits from attacking such…

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