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  • Welcome to MedTech West MedTech West is a network and collaborative platform for research, education, development and evaluation of new biomedical concepts and technologies. We initiate, facilitate and promote increased research collaboration between the health care sector, industry and academia. Our focus is on addressing actual clinical needs in collaboration with relevant clinical staff.
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  • Two research positions available in the Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory for translational research

    6.6 million SEK have been granted over four years to Assist. Prof. Max Ortiz Catalan to support the establishment of the Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory for translational research. The Promobilia foundation will finance two research positions (a PhD student and a Post-doc) to join this new laboratory at the Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology.The aim of the Promobilia Foundation is to promote the development of technical…

    20 MSEK till innovationer i Västra Götaland

    I hälso- och sjukvårdsstyrelsen i Västra Götaland ska politikerna fatta beslut om att avsätta pengar till en ny fond. Totalt handlar det om 20 miljoner kronor per år och redan i år finns det möjlighet att söka pengar från fonden. – Organisationen kan vara ganska krånglig för att ta sig fram för den som har en innovation. Med den här fonden vill vi underlätta för dem i vår organisation som…

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    On 23 September 2016, the new Image and Intervention Center at Sahlgrenska University Hospital was finally officially opened. You can read about that, and other news in our latest newsletter! Click here. Share this:

    The Image and Intervention Center (BoIC) officially opened

    On Friday 23 September 2016, the Image and Intervention Center at Sahlgrenska University Hospital was finally offically opened. The new Sterile Center situated in the basement has already opened, and patients have been visiting the Image and Intervention Center for a few months already. Both in the new Radiology premises, in the Intervention facilities at floor 2/3, and in Clinical Physiology department. – After more than ten years of planning…

    New project combines smart textiles with cutting edge technology to improve usability for prosthetic limb users

    Many prosthetic limb users experience problems related to prosthetic socket fit and phantom limb pain. The use of prosthetic socks can reduce discomfort from wearing a prosthetic limb. Electrodes integrated in the sock can be used to pick up muscle activity signals to control a virtual arm in phantom limb pain therapy. As no two residual limbs are exactly the same, a mass-produced sock won´t fit everyone. The MedTech West…

    MTW researchers published in a roadmap exploring the applications of SQUIDs in biomagnetism

    The journal Superconductor Science and Technology has published a roadmap exploring the applications of SQUIDs in biomagnetism. The article, SQUIDs in biomagnetism: a roadmap towards improved healthcare, brings together eight chapters that discuss different aspects of how superconducting technologies are poised to impact clinical care. The MedTech West researchers Justin Schneiderman, Bushra Ríaz Syeda and Christoph Pfeiffer are authors to one of the chapters in this article, that you can…

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