Bushra Riaz’ first author of article published in Scientific Reports Nature

The MedTech West and University of Gothenburg researcher Bushra Riaz is first author of a scientific article published on 1 August, 2017, in the Scientific Reports Nature. The title of the article is “Evaluation of realistic layouts for next generation on-scalp MEG: spatial information density maps”, and co-authors are Christoph Pfeiffer, PhD at Chalmers University of Technology, and Justin F. Schneiderman, associate professor at MedTech... Read More

MTW researchers published in a roadmap exploring the applications of SQUIDs in biomagnetism

The journal Superconductor Science and Technology has published a roadmap exploring the applications of SQUIDs in biomagnetism. The article, SQUIDs in biomagnetism: a roadmap towards improved healthcare, brings together eight chapters that discuss different aspects of how superconducting technologies are poised to impact clinical care. The MedTech West researchers Justin Schneiderman, Bushra Ríaz Syeda and Christoph Pfeiffer are authors to one of... Read More

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