Call for projects in need of BIG DATA experts support

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Area of Advance at Chalmers University of Technology is providing support in form of expertise for a few BIG DATA projects, i.e. projects with a strong emphasis on data utilization and analysis that are needed in research projects. They are prioritizing research involving new collaborations between researchers from different research communities. ICT Area of Advance has four research profiles that... Read More

Six projects get long-term funding from the new Electrical Engineering department, E2, at Chalmers

​The management group of the department of Signals and Systems (S2) at Chalmers devised a new initiative in autumn 2016. On 1 May this department is being merged with the Electric Power Engineering and High Voltage Engineering divisions to form the department of Electrical Engineering (E2). Eleven projects were submitted after the call for proposals went out in the beginning of 2017. Six were selected and allocated an internal grant for use during... Read More

MTW BLOG: Traumatic torso injuries in Norway

From left: Rubén Buendía, MedTech West/ChalmersMarianne Oropeza-Moe, Norwegian University of Life SciencesNils Petter Oveland, University of Stavanger/Stavanger University HospitalNina Gjerde Andersen, Stavanger University HospitalStefan Candefjord, MedTech West/ChalmersStefan Candefjord and Ruben Buendia were in Sandnes in March to perform measurements on traumatic torso injuries (chest and abdomen) using a very realistic porcine model developed... Read More

Distinguished researchers brought to Western Sweden for a symposium on neuro oscillations and next-gen MEG sensors

A lunch-to-lunch symposium that took place in Gothenburg on May 27-28 brought distinguished researchers from Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, and the US. The organizers were particularly proud to host two of the most well-known MEG names in the world: Matti Hämäläinen from Aalto University, Finland and Harvard’s MGH in the US and Riitta Hari from Aalto University. The symposium comprised inspiring lectures, lively “fika” breaks,... Read More

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