PreHospenkonferensen i prehospital akutsjukvård 2016

Den 10-11 mars 2016 arrangeras den sjunde PreHospenkonferensen i prehospital akutsjukvård på Högskolan i Borås. Syftet med konferensen är att stimulera till kunskapsutveckling inom larmcentral, sjukvårdsupplysning, ambulanssjukvård, akutmottagning, primärvård och kommun. Konferensen ger också möjlighet att skapa nya eller underhålla sina gamla kontakter. Alla som på något vis arbetar med prehospital akutsjukvård är välkomna. Sista... Read More

First NeuroSQUID Review Conference: At the intersection of medical imaging, neurophysiology, and high-Tc superconductivity

Welcome to a full-day conference with the latest research developments, interesting discussions and network opportunities! When: Tuesday 9 Feb 2016 at 9.00-17.00 Where: At 9:00-12:45: Sahlgrens Aula at Sahgrenska University Hospital. 13:00-16.30: Tor Bjurström (A2045), University of Gothenburg, Medicinaregatan 3, Gothenburg, Sweden During this conference, the audience will learn about recent advances in the fields of medical imaging, neurophysiology,... Read More

Visual Forum 2015

We are on the brink of a visual revolution. Picture this, five years from now displays will be everywhere. There will be holograms and smart materials that provide us with visual presentations both in public and private environments, and Virtual realities allows us to create private environments when and where we wish. The smart textiles in our clothes will be able to change to reflect things about us as well as measure things about us and our surroundings.... Read More

Distinguished researchers brought to Western Sweden for a symposium on neuro oscillations and next-gen MEG sensors

A lunch-to-lunch symposium that took place in Gothenburg on May 27-28 brought distinguished researchers from Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, and the US. The organizers were particularly proud to host two of the most well-known MEG names in the world: Matti Hämäläinen from Aalto University, Finland and Harvard’s MGH in the US and Riitta Hari from Aalto University. The symposium comprised inspiring lectures, lively “fika” breaks,... Read More

Neural oscillations and next-generation MEG sensors conference at Chalmers

Welcome to join us at “Neural oscillations and next-generation MEG sensors”, May 27-28th at Chalmers, Gothenburg. OBS! New dates 27-28 May (lunch-to-lunch). This event is organized on the background of the NeuroSQUID project, a collaboration between Chalmers, MedTechWest, University of Gothenburg and NatMEG, working over the next 5 years towards the development of a next-generation, head-shape-adjustable highTc-SQUID system, enabling millimeter... Read More

SciLifeLab Affinity Proteomics and Bioimaging workshop at the University of Gothenburg

Welcome to a workshop at the University of Gothenburg about the possibilities to use technology and reagent resources at the SciLifeLab Affinity Proteomics and Bioimaging platforms! Seminars, poster sessions and personal meetings will be offered: – Establish new interactions and collaborations – Explore new opportunities and methods – Expand your research Date: February 20th 2015 Time: 9.00 – 12.30 Place: Arvid Carlsson, Akademicum... Read More

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