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Docent lecture – Improved detection and characterisation of breast cancer using multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging and novel computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD) techniques

Andrew Mehnert’s research focuses on the development of medical image analysis methods for clinical imaging applications. He has both academic and commercial research experience in the areas of optical microscopy (automated cytology), MRI (breast cancer, musculoskeletal sports injuries), and x-ray CT (forensic identification of human dental remains). His present research focus is on the development…
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Docent lecture – Biomedical applications with high-Tc SQUIDs

Justin Schneiderman´s research is focused on medical applications of microtechnology, with particular emphasis on high critical-temperature superconducting quantum interference devices (high-Tc SQUIDs). This class of sensors is appealing when studying living systems, because of its high sensitivity (~50 fT/rHz down to 1 Hz) and moderate operating temperature (~77 K).  He has been involved in development…
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