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MedTech West lunchseminar: Inferring the causality network inside the brain for the development of Alzheimer’s disease: statistical inference approach with Hamed Farhadi

In this talk, Hamed Farhadi will present recent results on inferring the pathways of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) propagation inside the brain. In this study, they intended to infer the causality network for the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease (A-beta and Tau) inside the brain using clinical data obtained from positron emission tomography (PET) of elderly patients at Massachusset General…
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A MedTech West lunchseminar with Jeppe Magnusson

How successful strategies ultimately fail- if pursued too long Learnings from a journey from discovery to a global medical device Corporation At this lunch seminar Jeppe Magnusson will take us on a journey from discovery and early clinical develoment through market introduction and global penetration for a wellknown medical device corporation. Management focus and consequences of strategies will be discussed…
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MedTech West lunch seminar: Prehospital ICT Arena and the project PrehospIT / stroke – where are we now?

At this MedTech West lunch seminar, professor of practice Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, project leader and program manager at Prehospital ICT Arena på Lindholmen Science Park, will talk about the arena and the project as well as update us on  what is going on right now. ICT and eHealth has the potential to radically improve prehospital care in many…
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