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Catch the wave at MedTech West

For 4 days in the end of January, MedTech West hosted an elective course for eight medical students. Elin Eriksson Hagberg, Johan Wessberg and Roger Watkins, all from the Department of Neuroscience at Gothenburg University, were course leaders together with MedTech West´s Justin Schneiderman. The name of the course was “Catch the wave – visualization of…
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The Brain´s Networks Conference Blog

Stephan Maier (left) and Sven Ekholm (right) with Nobel Laureate Arvid Carlsson Among the important tasks for the Academy facing the opening of the new Center for Imaging and Interventions (BoIC) are to support new research projects related to imaging and inform various research groups about new research possibilities. More recently courses and conferences have…
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Distinguished researchers brought to Western Sweden for a symposium on neuro oscillations and next-gen MEG sensors

A lunch-to-lunch symposium that took place in Gothenburg on May 27-28 brought distinguished researchers from Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Belgium, and the US. The organizers were particularly proud to host two of the most well-known MEG names in the world: Matti Hämäläinen from Aalto University, Finland and Harvard’s MGH in the US and Riitta Hari…
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