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MedTech West funding for prehospital diagnostics for traumatic thoracic injuries project

The Steering Committee of MedTech West recently made the decision to offer financial support to research projects that are related to the two centres MedTech West and Prehospital ICT Arena (PICTA) at Lindholmen Science Park, to stimulate increased collaboration. The projects should involve innovative biomedical engineering solutions addressing the field of prehospital care, and where…
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New project combines smart textiles with cutting edge technology to improve usability for prosthetic limb users

Many prosthetic limb users experience problems related to prosthetic socket fit and phantom limb pain. The use of prosthetic socks can reduce discomfort from wearing a prosthetic limb. Electrodes integrated in the sock can be used to pick up muscle activity signals to control a virtual arm in phantom limb pain therapy. As no two…
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