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A rolling test bed for mobile emergency care

An ambulance with full IT equipment serves as a rolling test bed, where ambulance care, research and industry meet to develop and jointly try out technology and simulate work processes. Tools such as video conferencing and digital decision support enable mobile and efficient emergency care, says communication officer Yvonne Jonsson in her article at Chalmers.…
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Bioimpedance technology for detection of thoracic injury published in scientific journal

In October 2017 an article by the MedTech West researchers Rubén Buendía and Stefan Candefjord was published in the scientific journal Physiological Measurement. The partners in this project are SAFER/Chalmers, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the University of Borås. The other authors are Benjamin Sanchez, Harvard Medical School, Bengt-Arne Sjöqvist, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology,…
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3-year-old Hampus can now hear thanks to cochlea implant (CI)

[caption id="attachment_3782" align="alignleft" width="350"] Hampus with his mother Anette in Thailand last year[/caption] - I felt as if my whole life came crashing down when we found out that our son was deaf , says the 3-year-old boy´s mother, Anette. We discovered that something was wrong when Hampus was six months and he didn´t seem…
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