Vacant student positions at MedTech West

Thanks to a generous grant from the Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse, we are now hiring 2 PhD students and 1 post-doc for our project “NeuroSQUID” at the Chalmers University of Technology here in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The aim of the project is to explore high-Tc superconductivity at the nanoscale and develop a high-Tc superconducting sensor system for functional neuroimaging (i.e., magnetoencephalography). PhD student position in high-Tc... Read More

Bushra Riaz – a new addition to the MedTech West team

Bushra Riaz is now doing her PhD at the University of Gothenburg. She will be working with the High Tc SQUID-based “Focal MEG” project led by Justin Schneiderman. After receiving her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan, Bushra Riaz went on to obtain a master’s degree in biomedical engineering at Chalmers. She worked as a lecturer at National University... Read More

Agnes Tegen- a new addition to the MedTech West team

Agnes Tegen completed the degree of Master of Science in Engineering Mathematics at Lund University in 2014, specializing in image processing and medical applications. In parallel, she studied psychology at the same university. Agnes wrote her master’s thesis on methods used for detection of objects in images utilizing textual descriptions. She will present her findings at the 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition.She has joined MedTech... Read More

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