EBI Garment

Textile Enabled Instrumentation for Assessment of Body Composition

Electrical Bioimpedance (EBI) is the Technology of choice for non-invasive assessment of body fluid distribution, Despite of its widely acceptance among nutrition clinics its performance depends a lot of several factors like the skin-electrode interface. The use of Ag/AgCl electrodes with a reduce contact surface often produces elevated electrode polarization impedances, especially with elder patients that present a non-uniform and flat epidermis. Such combination makes the acquisition of EBI measurements a challenge. EBI measurements taken in this situation most often produces wrong estimation of the fluid distribution parameters.

The development of a measurement approach that facilitates the acquisition of EBI measurements and ensures the goodness of the EBI measurements and its estimations would improve the overall performance and reliability of the EBI method for Body Composition Assessment (BCA). If the level reach of reliability is high enough this would enable the development of Home-Monitoring applications based in BCA and EBI.

Textile Technology has progressed considerably in the field of conductive textiles, as a result conductive fabrics for producing Textile Electrodes (Textrodes) are available. Textrodes embedded in garments has shown encouraging performance when measuring wrist-to-ankle measurements of EBI, therefore a properly designed garment with integrated Textrodes would facilitate the acquisition of the measurements, producing more reliable measurements and consequently more reliable estimators for BCA.

A Textrode garment has been produced by the Smart Textile Prototype Factory for performing 4-electrode Wrist–to–Ankle EBI spectroscopy measurements. The garments (10 units) will be tested in healthy volunteers and elder patients. Its measurement and estimation performance will be assessed as well as its usability.

The main goal is to obtain a more reliable EBI approach enabled by the use of Textrodes. Secondary goals are to facilitate the work related to the acquisition of the EBI measurements and learn how mature is this Textrode approach for its integration in Home Monitoring applications.


Research team

MedTech West partner

Fernando Seoane

Clinical partner

Prof. Ingvar Bosaeus, Unit for Clinical Nutrition

Technical research partner

Javier Ferreira, Juan Carlos Marquez, School of Engineering, University of Borås

Industrial partner

Z-Health Technologies AB