Our offering

What MedTech West has to offer

MedTech West is serving the biomedical industry, healthcare sector and academia by providing a network of competences, biomedical

research resources and frontline technology and knowledge platforms.

MedTech West research projects typically originate from ideas or problems posed by academic researchers, healthcare professionals or the biomedical industry. The research projects themselves are thereafter based on one or more of MedTech West’s existing technology/knowledge platforms.


Through MedTech West biomedical companies can access:

– Clinical expertise
– Research competence in biomedical engineering
– Frontline technologies within a broad range of areas
– Research funding and scientific publication opportunities
– Further access to development resources and financing in the innovation system of Western Sweden
– Intellectual property rights linked to research projects related to MedTech West

MedTech West will become your research partner enabling the effective development and testing of novel concepts in collaboration with top clinical and medical technology researchers.


MedTech West will provide direct access to physicians and medical researchers with the requisite clinical knowledge for your project. Moreover close collaboration is possible given that MedTech West is physically located at Sahlgrenska hospital.


MedTech West is a gateway to frontline technologies, technical knowledge and resources needed to develop and evaluate new ideas. MedTech West will team you up with biomedical engineers and researchers in medical technology and provide access to the latest and applicable biomedical technologies. Given that MedTech West is physically based at Sahlgrenska hospital this makes close collaboration possible.