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Increasing needs are driving health care costs and put health care under great pressure. IT and eHealth are expected to be of great importance in order to meet this challenge. In eNursing the focus is the daily care carried out at the ward – and how innovative IT support and solutions can develop the care team´s daily work where nurses and assistant nurses are in focus. eNursing shall give the nurse and the care team situational information support in the day-to-day care work within the team and in the patient encounter.

eNursing takes advantage of the development of IT, e.g. mobile devices, in order to meet the eHealth-thesis, the right information to the right person, at the right time.

This means moving from today’s information management tied to the expedition, to a mobile patient oriented work. In addition to integrating the digitized information that currently is spread across multiple IT systems (health plans, health records, lab-reports, etc.), eNursing also make use of the rapid development of sensor technology (wearables, smart home, smart textiles) as a complement in the health care work. New technology facilitates documentation, collaboration and case transfer within the team, as well as reduce time-consuming after work.

eNursing includes all hospital-based care, care in specific facilities like homes for the elderly, as well as care in the home. All in all, this means that the commercial potential, as well as the health and socio-economic importance, is very large since it is the healthcare core processes that are covered, and where even small efficiency, quality and health outcome improvements thanks to the volume leads to great effects. Time savings also means that more time can be spent on patient meetings. A prerequisite for success, however, is that the solutions implemented are integrated into the health care business and that they do not become isolated islands, but rather interacts with other systems in established and well known ways.

Photo provided by Lindholmen Science ParkIn order to successfully address the area/branch eNursing wide collaboration between stakeholders and disciplines are required – to think in systems, interactions and processes is necessary. Through the establishment of eNursing Open Arena with its meeting Place eNursing Forum (which have Prehospital ICT Arena as a model) the basis for such cooperation is in place. In an open arena companies, health care providers and academia interact to find a level of collaboration and technology that promotes innovation and long-term development in the area/branch, while healthy competition between companies is still maintained. eNursing Open Arena is operated and administered by Lindholmen Science Park.

If you want to know more, please contact Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Professor of Practice: bengt.arne.sjoqvist@chalmers.se

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Photo provided by Lindholmen Science Park