MedTech West lunchseminar: Research and Innovation Monitoring - From first publication to clinical impact

MedTech West lunchseminar: Research and Innovation Monitoring – From first publication to clinical impact

När: 13/06/2019 , 11:30 - 13:00
Plats: Hjärtats aula
Adress: Vita stråket 12, Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhuset, Göteborg

Recent trends in performance evaluation of research and innovation calls for reliable and responsible indicators for evaluating performance. addresses the issues of following research and innovation impact from the start of a project until the end and beyond by capitalising on technological developments in big data technologies and analytics (Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning). The goal is to produce meaningful research and innovation monitoring and impact assessment based on openly available data. Combining data from different open sources and applying our methodology on publicly-funded health research in EU member states, the project team members have developed a set of indicators aimed at examining the academic, economic and overall societal impact of such activities. Data4Impact attemts to establish links between research activities and health innovations and products which are currently on the market. The end-product will be an open, data and visualisation tool that can be used to:

1. identify and monitor the direct links between research activities and the resulting technological innovations and impact
2. examine the evolution of different health-related topics over time as outcomes of research and technology, and with regard to the public interest.

Data4Impact has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 770531.

In this short introduction to the project, Gustaf Nelhans will focus on one specific indicator based on references to scholarly research identified in clinical guidelines. Additionally, he will show how to handle messy social media data (here, based on in-depth analyses of Twitter data on topics relating to the health area) to identify “buzz”, viral messages and meaningful information among the noise in this new media.

Dr. Gustaf Nelhans is a theorist of science and senior lecturer at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS) at University of Borås, Sweden and visiting fellow at University of Southern Denmark Library. His research generally focuses on the performativity of scientometric indicators as well as on the theory, methodology and research policy aspects of the scholarly publication in scientific practice using a science and technology studies (STS) perspective. Presently his focus of interest is directed towards evaluation of societal relevance such as professional impact, i.e., citation performance in clinical guidelines.
Read more about Gustaf Nelhans here>>

When? 11.30-13:00 (incl. lunch) 13 June, 2019
Where? Hjärtats aula, Vita stråket 12, 413 45 Göteborg (click for map)

Register at the latest at 16:00 on 10 April. A light lunch will be served to registered participants.