Initiative seminar "Engineering Health – The Legacy of William Chalmers"

Initiative seminar “Engineering Health – The Legacy of William Chalmers”

När: 08/11/2017 - 09/11/2017 , Hela dagen

Do you work in healthcare with problems that engineers could possibly help you solve? Are you an engineer working with techniques for the healthcare sector? Or are you just curious as to how engineering and medicine might meet and collaborate?

On November 8-9, Chalmers Area of Advance Life Science Engineering will organize the Initiative Seminar Engineering Health with support from Sahlgrenska University Hospital, AstraZeneca, Sahlgrenska Academy and MedTech West.

The aim of these exciting days is to bring medicine and engineering closer together, as we strongly believe in the need for collaborations between disciplines. Did you know that William Chalmers left half of his money to the school now known as Chalmers, and the other half to Sahlgrenska? This is why they call the seminar days “Engineering Health – The Legacy of William Chalmers”.

Chalmers Area of Advance Life Science Engineering are proud to present the speakers; top-level researchers and clinicians. Among these are (and more names will follow):

Professors Mikael Elam and Mikael Persson, co-inventors of Strokefinder
Professors Agnes Wold and Ann-Sofie Sandberg, working together on early-life allergies
Assistant Professor Max Ortiz Catalan and Associate Professor Rickard Brånemark, developers of a new arm prosthesis
Dr Oliver Aalami, augmented reality (Stanford)
Dr Ronald Dalman and PhD Chris Cheng, development of new stents (Stanford)
Associate Professor Sabine Reinfeldt and Assistant Professor Måns Eeg-Olofsson, hearing-aids
Professor Nils Lycke and Assistant Professor Marta Bally, vesicles as carriers
Dr Mårten Falkenberg and Professor Håkan Nilsson, stents
Professor Paul Gatenholm and Associate Professor Stina Simonsson, 3D bioprinting of cartilage
Anna Sandström, Science Relations Director at AstraZeneca, will give her view on the future to come, and we will close with a panel debate moderated by Professor Fredrik Höök.

As a part of this event Chalmers Area of Advance Life Science Engineering invite you to join a field trip to AstraZeneca, over lunch on Day 2. At the AstraZeneca site in Mölndal, we will get examples of how the interaction between disciplines spur innovation. By showing the pharmaceutical process and challenges ahead, their hope is that this trip will inspire and give food for new ideas and solutions. But the number of seats are limited: this trip can only be offered to the first 80, so register today!

And: Please note that the seminar days, including meals, are free of charge and open to all!

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