Inn2Health Workshop: Solutions for improved covid-19 rehab

Inn2Health Workshop: Solutions for improved covid-19 rehab

När: 02/12/2020 , 08:30 - 12:30

Rehabilitation of covid-19 patients has been identified as the next big healthcare challenge. Patients who have been severely or long-term ill will need rehabilitation support over a long period of time.

Inn2Health is now taking on this growing dilemma focusing primarily on physical symptoms on patients of working age. The scope is broad, meaning we’re looking at patients with suspected or confirmed covid-19 infection based on disease progression and typical symptoms, with or without need for initial hospitalisation.

Welcome to aother Cross Collaboration Day focused on covid-19 rehabilitation with the aim of engaging innovators, entrepreneurs, and companies from different sectors in the search for innovative solutions that can improve the long-term care of covid-19.

Sign up today if your knowledge, experience, ideas, and entrepreneurship can be of use in tackling this important issue. You get:

· A chance to understand current needs in healthcare through presentation of analyses

· Information of current tenders

· Opportunities to discuss the need with healthcare staff and patients

· To meet innovators, companies, and researchers

Agenda & Setup
During the Cross Collaboration Day, we will provide an overview of Inn2Health as well as more in-depth definitions of and background to the unmet need, before moving into focus group work. A detailed agenda will be sent out to all registered delegates in advance.

About Inn2Health
Inn2Health is a collaboration platform introducing innovators and entrepreneurs to verified unmet needs in healthcare, aiming to catalyse the development of innovations that meet the needs of patients and caregivers – and at the same time support the growth and competitiveness of entrepreneurs and companies. MedTech West is one of the parts in the platform.

The Cross Collaboration Day will be held via Zoom. Link will be sent out following event registration. The event will be in Swedish.

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