WiSE lunchseminar with Professor Anette Larsson

WiSE lunchseminar with Professor Anette Larsson

När: 23/04/2018 , 12:15 - 13:30
Plats: Seminarierum 1, Main Library
Adress: Hörsalsvägen 2, Chalmers Johanneberg, Göteborg

From pharmaceutics to wood based materials

Directly after her PhD 1995, Anette Larsson worked seven years at AstraZeneca and came back to Chalmers as an Assistant professor 2003. Since the start of her career at AstraZeneca, she has been interested in making formulations/pharmaceutics with desirable properties for the patients. Scientifically the challenge has been to control the drug release rate and by that decrease the side effects for patients. The drug release rate can be controlled by using different cellulose based materials. Anette Larsson’s research group has focused on investigating the effects the characteristics of the cellulose based materials have on the drug release rates. The next step in developing controlled release formulations is that they have started to develop their own cellulose based materials. This is a direct effect of her close collaboration with companies in the Vinnova VINN Excellence center SuMo BIOMATERIALS and the project Smartfoam; two industry-academy collaborations she has been leading the last five years. Recently, she started as vice Director for Area of Advance Productions. The seminar will also contain some reflections around how this has changed her view on working with companies and gender aspects at Chalmers.

When? 12:15-13:30 on 23 April, 2018
Where? Seminarierum 1, Main Library, Hörsalsvägen 2, Chalmers Johanneberg


This WiSE seminar is arranged in association with the department of Communication and Learning in Science. During the seminar, we offer lunch to participants who register before 12:00 on 18 April. The seminar is open to everyone with an interest in female rolemodels within academia – especially participants from Chalmers, Gothenburg University, Borås University, MedTech West and the Sahlgrenska Academy.