Kristofer Bengtsson receives MedTech West funding

The MedTech West steering committee has decided to grant SEK 300,000 to the pilot project “Proactive Radiology” led by Kristofer Bengtsson from the Department of electrical engineering at Chalmers. The project will be a pilot study at a radiology department and is based on previous projects at an Emergency Department.

Kristofer Bengtsson, can you tell us about the project?
– Many patients are examined at a radiology department each day. But due to a large variety of planned and urgent examinations, the planning, coordination and control becomes highly complex. In this project we will study how IT support and AI algorithms can support the staff with the planning, coordination and control of the patient processes.


Can you describe why it´s so complex?
When planning the patient examination, it starts with a referral. However, due to the lack of overview of available resources, working hours, staff capabilities and structured patient processes, the manual planning is cumbersome and error prone. Especially the decisions about when, where and who should perform each task related to a patient. The day the planned tasks are performed, there are always changes due to urgent tasks, delays, and unforeseen events, which makes the coordination challenging. The coordination is also complicated by the lack of overview over the current situation, status of all teams, resources and patients. Each examination of a patient can in some cases also be complex with many steps to perform, where errors can occur. This will also be an increasing problem in the future when complex AI algorithms and autonomous machines needs to be controlled. Supporting the staff in planning, coordination and control of the patient processes using IT and AI support can probably lower the cognitive load on staff, reduce stress, improve the patient experience and increase the overall performance.

The team will only investigate if the system can be integrated with current systems in the future. The pilot will start in January and is estimated to end in December, 2019. Other members of the project are Alexander Johansson, Neuroradiologi at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Isabella Björkman-Burtscher, Professor in Neuroradiology at the Department of Radiology, University of Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Academy, and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.


Watch Kristofer Bengtsson´s lunch seminar autumn 2018:




Text: Helene Lindström
Image: Kristofer Bengtsson´s own