6 million SEK from Barncancerfonden to MedTech West researchers

Justin F. Schneiderman, researcher at MedTech West has, together with colleagues at Sahlgrenska University hospital, recently been granted 3 million SEK for the collaborative project Child MEG: A functional nuero-imaging system for children with brain tumorsD. Also Hana Dobsicek Trefna, associated with MedTech West, has recently been granted 3 million SEK for her project. Both from Barncancer-fonden.

In the Child-MEG project, Justin Schneiderman is working together with Magnus Sabel, specialist in pediatric oncology at Queen Silvia Children´s Hospital, Birgitta Lannering, professor in pediatric oncology at the University of Gothenburg and Magnus Thordstein, associate professor in Clinical Neurophysiology at Sahlgrenska University hospital.