A Chalmers seminar with professor Todd Kuiken, Northwestern University

 Developing Neural interfaces for Robotic Prostheses

Speaker: Professor Todd Kuiken, Northwestern University

Dr. Kuiken’s research team is working to develop a neural-machine interface to improve the function of artificial limbs. A main research focus of his lab has been a novel technique to use nerve transfers for the improvement of myoelectric upper limb prosthesis control. By transferring the residual arm nerves in an upper limb amputee to spare regions of muscle it is possible to make new signals for the control of robotic arms. These signals are directly related to the original limb function and allow simultaneous control of multiple joints in a natural way. Similarly, hand sensory nerves grow into the surrounding skin so that when this skin is touched, the amputee feels like their missing hand is being touched. Furthermore, his lab has done extensive research on the use of pattern recognition algorithms, enabling the intuitive control of both upper and lower limb prostheses, as well as developing more sophisticated artificial limbs.

Todd A. Kuiken received his MD and PhD in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University (1990) and his residency in PM&R at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (1995). Dr. Kuiken currently is the Director of the Center for Bionic Medicine. He is a Professor in the Departments of PM&R, Biomedical Engineering and Surgery of Northwestern University.

DATE & TIME: Wednesday 11 June, at 15.00-16.00

LOCATION: EC-room, EDIT-building, Hörsalsvägen 11

REGISTRATION: No registration needed.

Prof. Kuiken is the faculty opponent for the PhD disputation “Towards Natural Control of Artificial Limbs” of Max Ortiz Catalan on June 12th at 10:00, location HC1, Hörsalsvägen 14.