Bushra Ríaz Syeda working with leading MEG experts at Harvard

Bushra Ríaz Syeda, PhD student in Justin Schneiderman´s research group, just returned from visiting Boston for a 3 months short-term research stay. Bushra was given the opportunity to work in Nouchine Hadjikhani´s and Kestutis Kveraga´s research team. Nouchine is an associate professor in radiology at Harvard Medical School as well as a visiting professor at Gillberg Neuropsychiatry Centre (GNC) in Gothenburg.
The Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital that opened its doors in 1989 is one of the world’s premier research centers devoted to development and application of advanced biomedical imaging technologies. Their biomedical imaging facilities include a wide range of tools and capabilities for both pre-clinical and clinical research, including MRI, PET, MEG/EEG, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Image Processing, Radiotracer Synthesis and others. The center continues to be a leading biomedical imaging research facility, with roughly 300 faculty and some of the most advanced imaging equipment available.

BushraWelcome home, Bushra!

– Thanks! It´s really nice to be back in Sweden, even though I had a truly great and worthwhile time in Boston.

What was it like to work at the Martinos Center?

– It was very inspiring to collaborate with the people over there with their diversed backgrounds and huge expertise! We´ve only had MEG in Sweden since 2013 and now we´re trying to establish and expand the technique here. At the Martinos Center on the other hand, they have been working with MEG for over 40 years. It´s of immeasurable value to me to get this opportunity to increase my experience when it comes to analysing of MEG data.

GroupI guess that you weren´t just working. What else were you up to during your stay?

– I caught up with some old friends from undergrad in Pakistan, which was really nice of course. I also went on some trips together with new friends at the Martinos Center, for example to New York and Philadelphia. I can really recommend going to the beautiful place Provincetown on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where we went on a bike trail in the diversed landscape with both woods and sand dunes.

How would you conclude your stay in Boston?

– I made a lot of important connections – not only professional connections, but I also made friends for life. I also learned many new techniques for data analysing that I can´t wait to implement on our data here!

BushraBikingWe are very happy to have Bushra back at MedTech West at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital!

Text: Helene Lindström
Images are Bushra´s own.