Call for projects in need of BIG DATA experts support

AOA_lifescience_CThe Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Area of Advance at Chalmers University of Technology is providing support in form of expertise for a few BIG DATA projects, i.e. projects with a strong emphasis on data utilization and analysis that are needed in research projects. They are prioritizing research involving new collaborations between researchers from different research communities. ICT Area of Advance has four research profiles that point out the challenges and opportunities of the modern society. One of them is Big Data (e.g. data collection and storage, data visualization, data analytics). This call is a part of an Chalmers initiative that provides support for projects in different research areas with utilization of large amount of data. BIGDATA experts are available for consultations on applications. Only projects in which Chalmers researchers are involved can be included, and the funding is only for the part in which the Chalmers researchers are included.

Last date to submit your application is August 15, 2017.

Questions? Send an email to:
Ivica Crnkovic []
Pär Strand []

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