Filmed lecture “Ethics in the Academy” with Kjell Asplund

Kjell-Asplund-utvaldbild-300x200“Among clinicians the understanding of the regulations is limited.” The statement is made by Kjell Asplund, chairman of the National Council on Medical Ethics (Smer), regarding the border between clinical research and healthcare.

On April 3, he filled the Sahlgrens auditorium at the second General Academy Meeting focusing on ‘Ethics in the Academy’. He talked about lessons made from the Macchiarini case – in which he investigated the actions by Karolinska Hospital – and was concerned about positions taken by people in the case; First pro Macchiarini, then against, followed by the unanimous praise of the investigation he made.

“There was only one opinion on the report, and that was that it was good. One might think that it is a paradox in the academic environment that group thinking is so dominant”, he said during his speech.

The lecture (in Swedish) was filmed and is now available for those who were not able to see it.

Kjell Asplund is chairman of the National Council on Medical Ethics (Smer) since 2012. He is Professor Emeritus of Medicine at Umeå University, and has previously served as Director General of the National Board of Health and Welfare.

See the lecture here>>

Text: Elin Lindström Claessen, Sahlgrenska Academy
Bild: Robert Emilsson, SU