Gothenburg Research School of Health Engineering (GRSHE) is enrolling new PhD students

The Gothenburg Research School of Health Engineering (GRSHE) is enrolling new PhD students in the field of health and engineering.

GRSHE is a joint research school for PhD students enrolled at Chalmers or Sahlgrenska Academy in the broad field of health and engineering; more information can be found summarized below, on our webpage, and detailed here in the attached info-PDF.

If you are a PhD student or supervise PhD students that…

  1. are doing a PhD project in a topic that combines health and engineering you can apply to be part of the program. Fill out and submit the attached GRSHE PhD student application (enrollment is rolling, with the next batch cutoff date of 20th of Oct 2021).
  2. are interested in participating in two hands-on half-day workshops (8:30-12:00 the 16th and 17th of Nov) on research grant and scientific article writing (more info in the attached workshop invite 16-17 Nov 2021, then please (have them) fill out and submit the attached workshop application 16-17 Nov 2021 (deadline 2nd Nov 2021).
  3. want to join next year’s PhD student seminar course (3 hp), you can read more here and in the attached course syllabus-PDF (deadline 21st October).

Applications should be sent to and

The Gothenburg Research School of Health Engineering (GRSHE) was initiated thanks to generous support from Västra Götalandsregionens Regional Development Board (VGR’s RUN) program and Sahlgrenska University Hospital (SUH), as well as Sahlgrenska Academy (SA, at the University of Gothenburg) and Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers).

What we offer PhD students:
• A broad network of multi-disciplinary researchers in the fields of health and engineering at Chalmers, SA/GU, and SUH/VGR.
• PhD courses designed according to the PhD students’ areas of interest in health and technology.
• Expert seminars and short specialist courses led by national and international experts within the PhD students’ interests.
• Annual networking events.
• Coverage of costs for conference trips, 20 kSEK per student.
• Support for dual-degree registration (NOTE, this must be fixed before PhD enrollment and approved by the supervisors).

We are presently planning a kickoff for enrolled students, the workshops described above, as well as another round of seminars with a related PhD-level course next year.

Any questions, please contact the Co-coordinators of GRSHE