Magnetically Shielded Room (MSR) on the rise in Gothenburg

A high performance Magnetically Shielded Room (MSR) is being built inside SahlBEC Lab at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. The MSR is a milestone for new research in biomedical engineering that can revolutionize future clinical methods. 

The world-unique biomedical engineering collaboration laboratory SahlBEC Lab is equipped with double shielding for examinations and treatment: an outer radio frequency (RF) shield and an inner magnetically shielded room, a so-called MSR, which is the last step of its construction.

The size of SahlBEC Lab is 36 m², with the MSR taking up 14 m² with 10 m² inner space. The MSR is made from three independent shielding layers, each consisting of two layers of 1 mm thick special mu-metal (Magnifer 7904) and a 6 mm thick layer of aluminum. The layers are separated by a 100 mm air gap. The complete MSR shielding therefore consists of six layers of mu-metal and three layers of aluminum.

The combined thickness of these layers result in MSR walls that are 26 centimeter thick. They absorb all ambient magnetic and electrical fields emanating from the earth and the various magnetic field sources in and around the building, for example, elevators, electronics, and even the trams that run circa 150 meters away. With the MSR being built inside a RF shielded room, it will be isolated from all magnetic- and RF interference.

In the room, researchers can operate highly sensitive sensors to detect and measure minute biomagnetic signals generated by different parts of the body. Chalmers’ magnetoencephalography (MEG) prototype system will be installed for on-scalp recordings. This system can also be used for magnetocardiography (MCG).

With the MSR in place in SahlBEC Lab, functional neuroimaging studies of epilepsy and other clinical and neuroscience-related applications can be performed. SahlBEC Lab is also designed to allow various microwave research, e.g. hyperthermia for treatment of cancer. This unique laboratory offers numerous possibilities and will attract researchers and companies from the region and around the world.

The designer and contractor of the RF-shielded room and the MSR is the international company ETS-Lindgren. The completion of the SalhBEC Lab is due mid October 2021.

Text: Jonas Löfvendahl

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Facts SahlBEC Lab, the new biomedical engineering collaboration laboratory in BoIC

✅ The construction of SahlBEC Lab has evolved on initiative by the MedTech West parties: Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Chalmers University of Technology, Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University, University of Borås and the Region Västra Götaland. MTW is a jointly owned platform for regional research and innovative cooperation in advanced medical technology. In addition to the parties’ financing, the lab is part-financed by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth with support from the European Regional Development Fund.

✅ The lab is located at the department of Radiology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital department in the new Image and Intervention Center (BoIC), Blå Stråket 5, Gothenburg. The work to develop sustainable management, complete and administratively integrate the lab in the hospital’s organization, is project managed by the Innovation Platform and Gothia Forum during 2021.

✅ SahlBEC Lab will provide unique opportunities to collaborate and conduct near-patient projects by researchers from clinics, academia and companies. The lab will help enable research and innovation related to medtech solutions in areas such as neuroscience, oncology, trauma, cardiology and psychiatry.

✅ For general questions, contact: Henrik Mindedal, Director MedTech West,, +46 708 888 445.