Major new report launched from SwedenBio

SwedenBIO has launched a major new report representing the first effort to map the Swedish Precision Medicine Industry Landscape and showcase precision medicine companies in Sweden to the global life science community.

The report covers 76 companies developing innovative products and services that have the potential to advance the precision medicine sector.

  • 72% are spin-offs from academia
  • 50% are associated with incubators or science parks
  • All companies except two have less than 50 employees
  • 26 companies were founded over the last four years
  • The companies collectively have more than 200 projects or launched products


  • A comprehensive list of Swedish companies active in the field covering projects and products, development phase and partnering status
  • Therapeutic and technology highlights include oncology, infectious diseases, imaging and liquid biospies
  • National resources and platforms are also covered: Science for Life Laboratory, Human Protein Atlas and National biobanks and quality registers.

Development across Sweden

The companies are clustered in five major regions, with the capital region Stockholm-Uppsala home to almost 50%. More than one fourth of the companies are located in the southern Malmö-Lund region, followed by 14% in the Gothenburg region and 7% in the Umeå region. Linköping region also hosts 5% of the companies, mainly within imaging technologies.

Read the report here>>