Master thesis position at the Radiology Department, Göteborg University available

Water molecules (far from the walls) in a glass of water, freely diffuse (move) around. Diffusion profile of the water molecules in presence of micro-structures is highly affected by geometry of the surrounding environment. Diffusion-weighted MRI is a non-invasive medical imaging technique to probe diffusion profile of water molecules in living tissue such as human brain. It is assumed that there is a one-to-one relation between ‘micro-structure properties’ and ‘diffusion profiles’. This technique, among other applications, enables us to reconstruct neural pathways in human brain, study disease-associated changes in brain tissue and design brain surgeries.

On one hand, presence of complicated crossing/bending micro-structures and contribution of different micro-organs to the diffusion-weighted signal, on the other hand, has given rise to many studies to determine/quantify all contributions and effects on diffusion signal. One way to understand effect of geometry of micro-structures on diffusion signal is to use Monte Carlo simulations. This project aims at evaluating effect of shape, orientation and size of micro-hindrances on diffusion signal. The project work may include experiments with phantoms or biological samples.

Desired background: Biomedical engineering, Physics, Chemistry

Desired skills: Programming, MRI physics, modeling, Estimation theory, Camino

You will be offered a working space at MedTech West, Röda stråket 10B, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

For more information, please contact:
Mohammad Alipoor, Post Doctoral Researcher. Email:
Stephan Maier, MD PhD, Professor in Radiology and Image Processing. Email:
Department of Radiology
Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg University