Master thesis presentation

The potential of using ultra wideband microwave technologies for breast cancer detection

Presented by Sanggeetha Venkatesan

Examiner: Hoi Shun Lui


In this project, the possibilities of using Ultra Wideband (UWB) Microwave technologies for breast cancer detection are investigated. Based on Singularity Expansion Method, resonance-based target recognition technique, that utilizes the Complex Natural Resonance (CNR) of the breast volumes as a feature set, is considered. These CNRs can be directly extracted from the UWB time domain response using Matrix pencil method (MPM). In this project, three different strategies for CNR extraction from a single and multiple time domain response(s) are studied. The UWB time domain electromagnetic responses of simple breast volumes with different tumor sizes are computed numerically using commercial solver. The extracted CNRs from different breast volumes using different CNR extraction strategies are analysed in details.