Master Thesis Presentation: Foot modeling and insole design using Kinect 3D sensor

Welcome to the following master thesis presentation:

Foot modeling and insole design using Kinect 3D sensor

Presented by Daniell Algar and Anton Guldberg

Examiner: Mikael Persson


Custom shoe insoles are a common remedy for lower limb associated pain. The biomechanic structure of the foot is altered through the use of insoles, providing stress relief in injured areas and additional support for the foot.

The thesis aims to develop, implement and evaluate a method for custom insole production based on 3D scanning and digital insole design. The purpose of the proposed method was to improve the production process and to make custom insoles accessible to more people in need, compared to the traditional plaster cast process and other 3D scanning systems on the market today.

The results indicated that the Kinect device is sufficiently accurate as a scanning sensor for the proposed method, even though the sensor have shortcomings, such as distortions and sensitivity to outer factors. The captured information in the model was sufficient for insole design, where the appropriate tools were conceptually available through implemented software.