Master thesis presentation: Control Algorithm and Graphical User Interface for Endoscopic Surgery Pump

Control Algorithm and Graphical User Interface for Endoscopic Surgery Pump presented by Ivana Ivkovic, MPSYS.
Examiner: Balazs Kulcsar

Date: Friday, June 12th

Time: 10.00

Place: Blå Rummet (room 6414), Hörsalsvägen 11, 6th floor


Minimally invasive surgeries are one of the fastest growing medical fields today becauseof patient benefits such as faster recovery and reduced risk of infection. But minimally invasive surgeries are quite challenging for the surgeon to perform because of reduced
maneuvering space and visibility. Therefore more and more technological solutions are developed to aid the surgeon in this task. ENDO P® is an endoscopy pump designed to improve visibility, maintain the pressure in the operating cavity and prevent fluid uptake which can in severe cases be fatal for the patient. The pressure and flow control algorithm together with the GUI studied in this thesis aims to improve the ENDO P® functionality and make surgeries safer, faster and more efficient. The system was analyzed and modeled based on fluid dynamics, mechanics and system identification. Simulink model was built and three different control algorithms: the state machine like zone bang-bang strategy, PID control and structured robust control were compared in the simulation environment. Based on the best simulation result, complexity, reliability and ease of implementation robust structured method provided the best results. From the initial simulations surgery preparation time was slightly decreased, and during the surgery the controller showed robust performance against perturbations with steady control variable value and good reference tracking. GUI designed was proved to be intuitive and well in sync with the surgery flow. These results can serve to strengthen the case for use of ENDO P® in endoscopic surgeries in urology compared to traditional methods, and confirm the benefits of controlled pressure for the patient safety.