Master thesis presentation – Monitoring device for improved treatment in volume targeted ventilation of infants

Presented by Oscar Edvardsson, MPBME

On Friday, August 29 at 10.00 am. at Landahlsrummet (room 7430), Hörsalsvägen 11, 7th floor

Examiner: Ants Silberberg

Around 10 % of all infants require ventilatory assistance at birth. Recent studies have shown that large tidal volumes can cause damage to the lungs and that resuscitators often underestimate applied volumes. This leads to suffering for patients and chronic lung diseases at later stages in life, and also larger costs to the society for their care. This project develops a new monitoring device to be used in manual ventilation where the user receives instant feedback on several clinical parameters, such as tidal volume, peak inspiratory pressure and leakage. The resulting device requires less than 1100 mm2 of a PCB and can easily be fitted directly onto a mask. The transmission is sent wirelessly through Bluetooth to a peripheral device to enable unhampered use of existing equipment. The device can detect individual breaths and compute the relevant parameters in real time. The ability to provide instant feedback may help the resuscitator to keep volumes within recommended guidelines and can potentially provide a good tool to use in teaching manual ventilation. Suggested future work on the device can include a more thorough investigation of the effect of the transducer in the airway path, potential contamination between patients and optimization of flow measurements.