Master thesis presentation: Non-invasive thermometry for microwave hyperthermia: Evaluation of MW-thermometry

On September 10, Masoud Shafiemehr, MPBME, will be presenting his master thesis “Non-invasive thermometry for microwave hyperthermia: Evaluation of MW-thermometry” at Chalmers.

Supervisor: Hana Dobsicek Trefna
Examiner: Andreas Fhager

The importance of non-invasive temperature monitoring during microwave hyperthermia treatment has motivated the development of non-invasive thermometry (NIT) methods. Currently, the clinically stablished method for NIT is magnetic resonance thermometry (MRT). This method has however some limitations such as high cost, high sensitivity to patient motion as well as and large space to install.
Microwave tomography became of interest for thermal monitoring during the hyperthermia treatment recently. The work in this thesis aimed to investigate the microwave tomography for 3D thermal mapping with the same antenna array used for heating. MRT was used as a reference method to evaluate the accuracy of microwave thermometry (MWT).
This study uses two antenna arrays developed at Chalmers University of Technology with the aim to investigate the feasibility of MWT. Both simulations and experiments with two antenna systems were performed on phantom specifically developed for this study, to gain a better understanding of how these two systems affect the results. In addition, the metric Good Data Ratio (GDR) is evaluated and applied to the obtained data in the MWT method. Finally, the experimental measurements with MRT were performed on to evaluate the temperature resolution and accuracy in comparison with MWT.