MedTech West and Chalmers organizers of the first international microwave bio conference IMBioC 2017

Fhager_400The International Microwave Bio-Conference (IMBioC) is as an international forum for the exchange of ideas and information on state-of-the-art research in microwave and RF theory and techniques that bridge the science and engineering gap as applied to biological systems. The conference, that was arranged for the very first time here, took place during three days at Lindholmen Conference Center here in Gothenburg. The event was arranged by MedTech West and Chalmers University of Technology on 15-17 May 2017.


IMBioC is a new annual conference founded by MTT-S with the aim to be an international forum for the exchange of ideas and information on state-of-the-art research in microwave and RF theory and techniques that bridge the science and engineering gap as applied to biological systems. It is intended to be a forum for sharing new ideas on emerging techniques and applications.

IMBioC was created by merging two former MTT-S conference and workshop formats: the IEEE Topical Conference on Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks & Sensing Systems, BioWireleSS, and the International Microwave Workshop Series on RF and Wireless Technologies for Biomedical and Healthcare Applications. Since the established BioWireleSS conference was co-located to the RadioWireless Week, its venue was always in the USA. In contrast, IMWS-Bio was setup as a small international workshop series with alternating venues around the globe with former venues in Singapore, London, and Taipei. With the decision to merge both conferences, a novel conference format was established. Therefore, IMBioC does not only bring together experts from different communities like microwave engineering, biology and medicine as well as academia and industry. Its alternating international venues all over the globe foster the international visibility for state-of-the-art technologies and applications in the bio-medical field.

The first IMBioC was opened by the general chair Henrik Mindedal from MedTech West who officially launched the new conference. The conference co-chair Dr. Christoph Baer, and MTT-S representative Prof. Dominique Schreurs both greeted all attendee’s with a warm welcome and wished everyone a fruitful and rewarding conference.

The conference was a three-day event with oral sessions and a poster exhibition covering various topics of microwaves in biomedical applications, ranging from microwave imaging to hyperthermia treatment of cancer, analysis of bio-chemical samples in lab on chip applications to various aspects and uses of MRI and other diagnostic techniques in the THz domain.

Four keynote lectures were given by world leading experts in their respective field. They all addressed different topics of how microwave technology can improve medical healthcare and how technology is implemented in clinical applications research. Prof. Robert H. Caverly gave a talk on RF Aspects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Prof. Mikael Elam, gave a talk on Microwave-based detection of intracranial haemorrhage. Prof Paul M. Meaney gave a talk with the title Addressing multipath signal corruption in microwave tomography and the influence on system design and algorithm development. Prof. Gerhard van Rhoon, gave a talk on Heating tumors to enhance effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

BestStudPaper1_400A student paper contest was held with nine students participating. The winner of the award was Mario Müh with his contribution Complex Dielectric Characterization of African Trypanosomes for Aptamer-based Terahertz Sensing Applications. His work is a brilliant example of a truly interdisciplinary research project where developments in both biochemistry and engineering have been combined into a novel and important application.

All attendees of IMBioC 2017 are invited to submit extended versions of their submissions as special issue to the new IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF, and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology (J-ERM). J-ERM’s focii lie on unifying the sciences and applications of medicine and biology related to utilizing electromagnetics, radio frequency signals, and microwaves/millimeter-waves, which suits excellent to IMBioC.

In conclusion, we would like to thank all attendee’s and speakers for making this conference a successful event were many important and interesting research problems in various fields were presented and discussed. The conference was single track, which gave an intimate and casual conference atmosphere with great opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with researchers also in fields outside the attendee’s own field of expertise. 52 attendees from 15 different countries visited the conference. We are confident that they all left with very positive impression of the very first IMBIoC conference and look forward to next year’s IMBioC in Philadelpia, that will be held on 14-15 June in parallel to IMS 2018.

The organizing committee at the IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Bio Conference 2017