MedTech West call for innovative biomedical engineering solutions

Funding available for research projects related to MedTech West and other VGR research collaboration centres and arenas

The Steering Committee of MedTech West has made the decision to offer financial support to research projects related to MedTech West in collaboration with other research centres and arenas in Västra Götaland Region.

The objective is to stimulate increased collaboration between MedTech West and these centres/arenas. The projects should involve innovative biomedical engineering solutions addressing related care areas of the respective centres/arenas.
The applicant, or constellation of applicants, should be associated, or wants to be associated, with MedTech West.

Funding per project:
Up to 300,000 SEK

No co-financing is required

Special condition:
The funding is primarily intended to finance the salaries of researchers with a PhD degree in the beginning of their career. Certain formal conditions also apply. It is therefore necessary to discuss the application with the contact person before submission

Please use the MTW’s Project application form and send your application to
The proposal must include a description of the proposed project, a project plan with work packages and a budget (maximum of 4 pages with 12-point typeface, see application form).

Submission deadline:    
October 5, 2018

Decision process:        
Decisions are made by MedTech West’s Steering Committee 3-4 weeks after submission deadline

Henrik Mindedal, Director of MedTech West, 0708-88 84 45
Sara Bogren, Deputy Director of MedTech West, 0709-15 18 08