10 years of medtech research, innovation and cooperation

On 24 October 2019 we celebrated the 10-years-anniversary of MedTech West. We started with a cake party at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. The first half of the day we invited everyone to take part of research presentations and innovation demonstrations. In the evening we kept celebrating at Wallenberg Centre together with our owners, steering committee, researchers and other guests that we collaborate or work closely with.

We really like to thank all the researchers that presented their research, Moa Andresen-Bergström from Sahlgrenska University Hospital who presented the new drug test, and all representatives from Integrum, Ten Medical Design, Medfield Diagnostics, Detecht and Musicformoods that demonstrated their projects during the day.

And of course we want to thank everyone who came to celebrate together with us. We  hope that you enjoyed the day just as much as we did!

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Tobias Goldman from Detecht demonstrated their motorcycle app with built-in GPS and crash detection. Check it out if you own a bike and want to drive safer! Here together with one of the researchers behind the algorithm, the MedTech West researcher Stefan Candefjord

Sonam Iqbal and Max Ortiz from Integrum demonstrated Neuromotus used to treat phantom limb pain. Did you know that trials show a 50% reduction in pain? Pretty amazing, since no other treatments have worked for these patients previously!

Jeanette Demorney from Medfield Diagnostics demonstrated their MD100 to interested participants during the day. With MD100 it takes only a few minutes minutes to screen patients for intracranial bleedings, and it can be done already on the accident site

Fredrik Gellerstedt from Ten Medical Design demonstrated their innovation: the radiation proof textile TeXray and their first product- a head protection for medical staff exposed to radiation at work. Here with Lina Strand-Backman and Andreas Albertsson, both Innovationsplattformen

Simon Skau, GU researcher with lab at MedTech West, demonstrated the fNIRS technique that he´s using to investigate functionality in brains. Master student Linus Lagergren was connected to the equipment while performing tasks on the computer

Senior analytical chemist, Moa Andresen-Bergström from the department of Clinical Chemistry at Sahlgrenska demonstrated the new saliva based drug test- a project that was partly financed by funding from Medtech4Health, the national Vinnova program that MTW is representing in western Sweden

Investment advisor Iris Öhrn from Business Region Göteborg (BRG) learning about the features of the motorcycle app from Detecht´s Tobias Goldman

Sonam from Integrum demonstrated Neuromotus to professor Kerstin Nilsson from the Institute of Health and Care Sciences at GU

Bengt Arne Sjöqvist from PICTA, Lindholmen Science Park, Yvonne Jonsson from Chalmers and Sabine Reinfeldt, who was also one of the speakers at the event

Leif Sandsjö from MedTech West and University of Borås was here from the start. He presented his research chronologically.

Stefan Candefjord, MedTech West and Chalmers, presented several projects, here together with Rubén Buendía, former MedTech West researcher, now at Astra Zeneca.

Here Rolf Heckemann, professor at MedTech West, was showing pictures of his own brain.

Representatives of our owners: Anders Carlberg, VGR, Anders Karlström, Chalmers, Kim Bolton, University of Borås, Agneta Holmäng, Sahlgrenska Academy, and Ann-Marie Wennberg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, on stage with Henrik Mindedal, director of MedTech West.

Leif Sandsjö, MedTech West and University of Borås, Anders Carlberg, VGR, and Ann-Marie Wennberg, Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

Anders Hyltander, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and Lotta Gummesson, Sahlgrenska Science Park.

Bo Norrman, Chalmers Innovation Office, and Petra Apell, 10MD.

Erik Nilebäck, Chalmers Industriteknik, and Lina Strand-Backman, Innovationsplattformen, VGR.

Tamara Goudian, former master student at MedTech West, and Dag Winkler, Chalmers.

Anders Karlström, Chalmers, Maria Odéus Forsberg, Chalmers, and Rubén Buendía Lopez, AZ.

Mikael Elam, one of the three founders of MedTech West, and Bengt Arne Sjöqvist, Lindholmen Science Park.

Nicholas Ashton, Thomas Vogel, Meera Srikrishna, Peter Young and Michael Schöll.

Elena Orekhova, University of Gothenburg and University of Moscow, Stefania Della Penna from University of Chieti “G. d’Annunzio”, Justin Schneiderman, and Rolf Heckemann, both from MedTech West and University of Gothenburg.

And finally, to the left: Rickard Åström, professional musician and inventor of the research based app Musicformoods that can be used to treat hypertension.