MedTech West lunch seminar with Niclas Kvarnström, transplant surgeon, about uterine transplants and image guided liver surgery

At this lunch seminar we will hear transplant surgeon Niclas Kvarnström at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital talk about two different research projects. The first part is about the uterus transplantation trial, while the second part is about an ongoing project with image guided liver surgery.

Part I:
Uterus transplantation trial
After a decade of research including several animal uterus transplantation models and publications on ethical considerations, the group lead by professor Mats Brännström initiated the world’s first clinical study of uterus transplantation in 2012.
Nine women with absolute uterine infertility were transplanted with uteri from live donors. So far five of the recipients have delivered healthy babies.
The first part of the seminar is about the background, methods and results of this study.

Part II:
Image guided liver surgery
The results of surgical removal of tumours in the liver are dependent on the possibility of intraoperative identification of the target area. Modern preoperative imaging has made it possible with accurate diagnose and localization of the tumour. However, during surgery we normally do not have access to the same diagnostic tools. When introducing new imaging technology in the operating room we hope to target the tumour safer with regards to radically removing the tumour and sparing healthy liver parenchyma.
The second part of this seminar is about a unique project combining different new advanced imaging modalities in the operating room.

Welcome to this MedTech West lunch seminar!

When? 11:30-12:30, 30 May, 2016
Where? Hjärtats aula, Vita stråket 12, Sahlgrenska University Hospital