Medtech West lunch seminar: Eye Tracking, how does it work and where is it used

Eye tracking is used for measuring either the point of gaze of a person or the motion of the eye. Eye trackers are used in research on the visual system, in psychology, in neurology, in cognitive linguistics, Human Computer Interaction, in traffic research and in many other fields.

How does it work?
This seminar will give a short introduction to the different types of eye tracking technologies that are on the market today and a deeper look into the technology and design philosophy behind Smart Eye’s remote eye tracking solutions.

How is this technology used?
Today the technology is used in a variety of different ways and the lecture will show some very interesting samples of some applications where eye tracking is used.
It could be anything from cognitive science, psychology or neurology to tracking humans or even apes or dogs.

What is Smart Eye?
Smart Eye develops and markets 3D Remote Eye Tracking systems that give a person’s 3D information on gaze direction, head position and angles, eyelid opening, pupil size and many more – in real time. Its robust multi-camera solution Smart Eye Pro gives up to 360 degrees visual field by using up to 8 cameras in one system and it is totally insensitive to ambient light. This allows the system to be used in the most complex environments and applications.

The seminar will be presented by Jonas Andersson from Smart Eye.

Date: November 19
Time: 11:30-12:15 (-13:00 incl lunch)
Room: Kammaren, Vita Stråket 12, Sahlgrenska Universitety Hospital

Register by sending an email to before November 14. Please write “Seminar November 19” in the subject line.