MedTech West researcher Andrew Mehnert receives Docent title from Chalmers University of Technology

On Tuesday, the 3rd of June, 2014, the MedTech West researcher Andrew Mehnert received the title of Docent in Medical Image Analysis from the Chalmers University of Technology Department of Signals and Systems – S2.
His qualification required, in addition to a PhD, substantially greater documented independent ability to lead in formulating and solving scientific research problems, as well as pedagogic competence at the advanced graduate level of study. The requirements were fulfilled upon presentation of his Docent lecture “Improved detection and characterisation of breast cancer using multi-modal magnetic resonance imaging and novel computer-aided detection/diagnosis (CAD) techniques”.
Andrew has graduated two PhD students as the principal or joint-principal supervisor in Australia. His docent title will allow him to formally supervise PhD students at Chalmers as the main supervisor.