MedTech West seminar – Better acute care for trauma and stroke patients by improving prehospital diagnosis and workflow

Traumatic injury is the most common cause of death for young people. Head and thorax injuries are of special concern. Elderly suffer to a high degree from stroke and also from injuries due to accidents, especially falls. In common for these patients is that effective treatment is available, but the effectiveness is strongly dependent on the time to treatment. By implementing new tools for making a diagnosis in the field, e.g. in ambulances, the time to treatment could be decreased. This would decrease mortality and mitigate injury severity. In combination with innovative ICT and eHealth solutions the prehospital workflow could become more streamlined, which would further improve the overall clinical outcome. For traffic accidents, automatic crash notification systems can decrease the time to arrival to the scene of accident. Our long-term goal is to implement new simple-to-use diagnostic tools for use in the field for the benefit of trauma and stroke patients. Microwave technology (MWT) shows promise to diagnose stroke and is currently evaluated in a third clinical study at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Södra Älvsborg Hospital, run by Medfield Diagnostics AB. MWT also shows promise for detecting traumatic intracranial bleedings; the first clinical study is starting this spring at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. For traffic safety our focus is on developing ICT tools for vulnerable road users, one example being the smartphone application jalp! that automatically can detect a bicycle accident. This research is done at the Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers: SAFER.

The seminar will be presented by Stefan Candefjord, postdoc at MedTech West and SAFER

This presentation will give a background to the medical challenges for treating trauma and stroke patients and explain the technical background and the advantages with the technologies we use, with focus on MWT. Perhaps someone in the audience has suggestions for other clinical applications where these methods can be useful? The presentation will also give an insight into the latest results from computer simulations and clinical studies, as well as a future outlook at the research ahead of us the next couple of years.

Date: March 6, 2014
Time: 11:30-12:15 (-13:00 incl lunch)
Room: Hjärtat, Vita Stråket 12, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Register by sending an email to Please write “MTW seminar March 6” in the subject line. Last day for registration is March 3.