MedTech West seminar on Integrated Superfusion Technology

The multifunctional Pipette: Integrated Superfusion Technology for Single Cell Applications

Presenter: Dr. Aldo Jesorka, Associate Professor of the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology

Hydrodynamically confined flow devices represent a powerful approach to localized solution delivery within a liquid environment that is miscible with the solution to be applied. The greatest strength of the technology is the highly localized exposure, which allows for contamination-free superfusion of micrometer sized surface areas or surface-associated objects, such as single adherent cells. We have developed an free-standing microfluidic pipette made in poly(dimethyl siloxane) having a circulating liquid tip that generates a selfconfining volume, i.e., a virtual flow chamber, in front of the outlet channels. This noncontact, open-volume microfluidic device serves as a solution handling and dispensing tool, which can address individual cells in culture dishes or tissue slices. On-chip integration of solution reservoirs and microfluidic functionality, including mixing, and switching circuitry, have resulted in a multifaceted research instrument, which has already demonstrated potential in cell biology and preclinical research. The device concept, fabrication strategies, and application examples will be presented.